Connectors + Zotero in Firefox

If I remember the Zotero Everywhere diagram from Dan Cohen's original announcement correctly, the connectors for Zotero are supposed to be able to communicate with either traditional Zotero (the Firefox plugin) or the Zotero Standalone client. I can't seem to get the former to work, using Zotero 2.1b4 and the Chrome connector. Is it not yet possible?
  • Technically it's possible by enabling extensions.zotero.connector.enabled in about:config and restarting Firefox. Not sure if it's working, though.
  • I tried this with the multilingual branch running in Firefox under Linux -- and it works. Was able to use Google Chrome (version 8.0.552.224) to capture multilingual RDF from CiNii, into the collection currently selected in the Firefox Zotero.

    Remarkable work, guys. This is really splendid.
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    I'm now just trying this, given that I find myself preferring Chrome. But even with the option set to true and with a restart, I can't get the indicator to pop up on, say, a NYT article. Any further info or update on this?
  • Nevermind; had to restart Chrome as well.
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