Insert a bibliography without having to add a citation first?

Is there any way to insert a bibliography into a word document (I'm using OpenOffice on Linux if that matters) without first having to insert a citation?

For example, if you only want to make a bibliography for a piece of work that you've written in another document (so there are no citations to make).

I've found that you can do this, but you have to insert a citation first, otherwise Zotero will ask you to do this. You can then delete the citation, and "Edit Bibliography" adding the items you want to appear.

Thank you in advance. I would think that somebody at some time might have wanted to do a similar thing, compiling a new document that just contains a bibliography.
  • If you're not inserting citations, don't bother with the plugin. Just create a collection for the bibliography in Zotero and drag the items into Word (adjusting your Quick Copy settings if necessary) or use right-click->Create Bibliography from Collection.
  • Sorry, that was glaringly obvious (and hence why it's not in the word processor plugins). Thanks for pointing it out to me, I'm going to need to use it soon.
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