"Deleted items" collection

It hasn't happened to me yet, but I'm sure it will: accidental or otherwise regrettable deletion of one or more items. I propose the standard solution, in which deleted items are moved somewhere rather than immediately deleted. Perhaps this can be implemented as a collection called something like "Deleted Items".

Such a collection would require certain special properties, such as not normally being searched.
  • It's a good idea, though it has enough cross-code implications that it won't happen in time for 1.0. I'll create a ticket for it for a future release though.

    Note that we're also planning to offer Undo/Redo functionality in a post-1.0 version.
  • Roughly (and realistically) how soon is the next released expected?
  • It may also be good to have some automated or manual backup mechanism as well. I don't know how this happened, but a collection (and several subcollections) I had spent a lot of time putting together have completely disappeared from my copy of Zotero. None of the contents of the collections are present in the Library. My best guess is the collections somehow got deleted during update of the software.
  • a undo feature for deleting references would be great. I could have used it a few times already...
  • I'd like deletions to be handled by moving to a special collection (which I simulate manually for now). Partially because of the recovery facility, but mostly because deletion is currently a very slow operation (on average for me about 25s with a ~2000 item library, using 1.5-sync3.6).
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