Save to Zotero failed on GRL (Geophysical Research Letters)

Report Error 1418686736
  • BTW: Also failed on attempt to add through the DOI: doi:10.1029/2010GL045338
  • that page currently uses the DOI translator. If the DOI isn't in CrossRef's database it will fail and there isn't much Zotero can do.
    it seems like it would be relatively easy to write a dedicated translator for that site - there' is a direct link to RIS export - but within Zotero there currently is no capacity to make that very likely.
    However - since that option is on the page - if you have the "Use Zotero for Downloaded RIS/Refer Files" option checked in Zotero's preferences, you can just click on the "Export to RIS" link and the item will import neatly into Zotero.
  • adamsmith: ..."Export to RIS" link and the item will import neatly into Zotero."

    This worked like a charm! Thank you. The only trouble I had was to locate where the export landed (desktop? receive? downloads?). The "aha" moment arrived when I looked at Zotero. There it was. Automagically.

    "Neatly" was an understatement. Congratulations on this very neat feature.
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