Annotations & highlighting - saving & printing

I'd like to be able to annotate & highlight files (even if I have to add a .rtf version to do it in firefox), and then print and share these - at the moment I don't think they print, and I can't see a way to save the files to use them outside zotero. I'm thinking specifically of annotating articles for sharing with students, highlighting specific premises, etc. - it'd be nice to be able to save these as in 'comments' on word document files. Is there any way to do this now? Any chance there ever will be if not?
  • If you attach a .doc/.odt or pdf file to a Zotero item and comment/highlight it, those comments will sync. If you're using Zotero storage you can share them as part of a group.
    This just isn't working for the html snapshots yet.
  • Thanks adam, that's the solution I've gone for which works nicely for this purpose.
    I guess if it were a more frequent thing opening up outside firefox would get a bit wearing though.
    Thanks for the help
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