Types/info: French interface

There are a few rather inadequate translations in the French version of types and their fields, one or two are even difficult to understand for a native speaker. May I suggest the following changes:

Article de conférence > Article de colloque
(the proper term, Communication à un colloque, would be too long)
+ fields:
Titre des annales > Titre des actes
Intitulé de la conférence > Intitulé du colloque

(Under: Lettre and Message instantané)
Bénéficiaire > Destinataire

And general fields (under several types):
Accédé le > Consulté le
Série > Collection
Numéro de la série > N° dans la collection (or: N° dans la coll.)
Extra > Divers
Editeur de la série > Directeur de collection (or: Directeur de coll.)
  • ideally we'd want that confirmed by one of the other native speakers here just to be sure these are things everyone agrees on.
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    PS Apart from being a native speaker, maybe I should mention I am also the editor of a scholarly (history) journal, an ex-archivist, and have had some training in cataloguing books.

    PPS What I suggest should be "Divers" would actually be "Notes" in library parlance, but Zotero already has its own notes.

    Nevertheless, people in other fields might wish to contribute specific terms, no objection to a little discussion.
  • Any other Smiths around to start the discussion?
  • I disagree with Marc Smith.
    Joking aside, your proposals are right and should be implemented to zotero.

    Actually, translations have been made through babelzilla translation system. I had revised a few translations in the legal field but there are still some inadequacies even if babelzilla community work was good. You're right to point them out.
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    Well that is fortunate since I don't know much about the legal side.
    (And thanks for making me famous despite my clever pseudo).
  • Well I'm not a specialist but I can confirm, for the "General Fields", that the terminology mentioned by MHSmith is the one in use in the catalog of swiss libraries (http://opac.rero.ch/gateway) and as far as I know in France too (http://www.ccfr.bnf.fr/portailccfr/servlet/LoginServlet).
  • Thanks for your support JulienG!
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