IEEE web page citation not correct


the URL element is missing (and the access date) when creating a citation in word (for the IEEE format). It simply does not appear.
Can anyone fix this?

Thanks, and good work
  • I've also noticed that. The developers dont seem to care about that huge flaw. That's why these kind of projects never live up to meet the big guys like Endnote. It's a nice effort, but.. if it doesn't do the basics.. bye bye
  • Have you got an example of how it is now, and what it should look like?
  • What it should look like (computer society):

    As a workaround I am using the chigago style, because it is the basis for IEEE... its too bad it is not working (yet)
  • OK - thanks - I'm fixing it up now.
  • New version available in the styles page, has a number of things fixed to be more conformant.
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