Flexibly re-arrange and re-locate Zotero workplace panels

Now most the computers have a 16:9 monitor, so I wonder whether it is possible to make the Zotero (firforx add-on version) display more flexible so that we can put the collection panel on the side of the screen instead of always on the bottom. And it may be better to have an option to turn off (i.e., retract) the right-side information panel, similar to the collection panel on the left.

For me this would create a lot more convenience when I try to down load a reference, because then i can quickly, or more easily, to access my long list of sub-collections, or check whether this reference has already been download. This can also create convenience when we write, especially when we only use one monitor. In this case we can put the panels on the left and actually see the to-be-used references while writing. We can expand the detail reference information panel only when we need. I feel this may make the whole writing workflow more intuitive and fluent. Does this make sense?

If someone already posted this, I am sorry for the repetition.
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