dates for periodicals not formatting properly

In my footnotes, periodicals with date ranges appear in the following format, even though they are entered properly in my Zotero database. How can I fix this?

Fall 2003/Winter 2004

is appearing as:
Fall /Winter 2004 2003
  • try using the issue field rather than the date field - the date field is parsed for numbers so that seems to produce these odd results.
  • Great. I will try that.
  • Didn't work. If I leave the Date field empty and put the date info. in the issue field, the note comes up with "n.d." Plus, it automatically puts "no." in front of whatever is in the issue field. I'm using Turabian setting.

    Any other suggestions?

    Eunice Agar, “Aaron Draper Shattuck,” Art & Antiques 7, no. 5 (n.d.): 48-55.
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