Unexpected file upload status 409

  • noksagt, thanks for the warning!

    I'll make the suggested changes right now--->scuttles off to search Z/Spideroak documentation...
  • Nice to see someone from Mydrive here...

    AND !!!

    Zotero does not delete files in the webdav there (trash empty, modified storage.delay in about:config)

    I tested it over and over again...the number of files in the webdav is just growing, never decreasing !!!

    I added a file, number grows...i delete the same entry, number stays the same.

    And I do not want to leave mydrive. Whats wrong there?
  • schuessi: Not really related to this thread. I replied in your other one.
  • Nice to see I'm not the only one with this problem :)
    I like to keep my zotero files synced with MyDrive (which works nice!). I use it rarely, but it proved to be _very_ useful when I couldn't use my personal comupter: I just installed zotero on another one, synced, and there I had again all my library with pdfs (awesome!).

    I'm not sure if it could be a solution, and before making some crazy testing, I would like to know your opinion: Could I have several folders in MyDrive (say zotero, zotero_old) and have the oldest files (which is less probable that I will need them) in the zotero_old folder, so that only the newer files are synced with the zotero folder? Would that delete the old files in my computer when syncing?
    I'm not sure if I've expressed myself well enough, but I hope you get the idea of what I'm thinking...

    Thank's a lot in advance!
  • AJarde: That might work as a temporary workaround. There are a couple things that could cause Zotero to re-check everything (the equivalent of Reset File Sync History in the Sync->Reset pane of the Zotero prefs), and, if it did, there wouldn't really be a way out of it, but MyDrive might fix the problem by then.

    If you did go that route, you would want to pay attention to the file sync progress bar (and its hover tooltip) to make sure it wasn't trying to reupload everything.
  • Is there hope that there will be a fix from the zotero side for this problem (although it is obviously caused by a change from mydrive) in the near future? Update 2.0.9 unfortunately (with Firefox 3.6.10) did not help here...
  • I was a MyDrive user and like Jon Rubin have successfully migrated to iCloud.
  • PeterVermont:
    iCloud does not support https for WebDAV. Is there a free alternative where a secure sync is possible?
  • I do not know -- I stopped looking after succeeding with iCloud.
  • Wish I'd read this thread before purchasing 5 gigs of space on myDrive.ch ! Ha Ha!

    I could quite easily upload my entire collection if it wasn't for the fact each library item has two files instead of one. It is also interesting to compare the approach to sync storage with that of the local Zotero storage, which has absolutely no problem in creating an individual folder for each item...

    If toupeira is still reading, could I have a 3000 file limit on my account? ;)
  • I just hit the 1000 file limit at mydrive.ch. Since it is a file limit for any given folder, can we get around this problem by making the webdav root directory the zotero root directory? Does the root directory have this same restriction?
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