Ending every Entry in the Bibliography with a full stop


i have developped a citation style for our institution which works quite nicely and can be downloaded under:

however, there is a problem which i could not solve so far:
our citation style requests a full stop at the end of every entry in the biobliography. But depending on the media type (book, journal article etc.) the entry at the end varies, so i cannot include the fullstop in the diferent macros.
so what im looking for is a way to include the full-stop in the <layout>-Part of the <bibliography>-section of my style.

But how do i do this?

Any help very appreciated,
  • <layout suffix="."/>
  • thanks for the suggestion

    i included the code in the bibliography section like this - unfortunately to no effect...
    - - -
    <text macro="author"/>
    <text macro="year-date" prefix="(" suffix="): "/>
    <text macro="title"/>
    <text macro="container-prefix"/>
    <text macro="editor"/>
    <text macro="container-title"/>
    <text macro="edition"/>
    <text macro="publisher"/>
    <text macro="collection-title"/>
    <text macro="locator"/>
    <text macro="published-date"/>
    <text macro="pages"/>
    <text macro="access"/>
    <layout suffix="."/>

    - -
  • oops sorry, my bad.
    <layout suffix=".">
    without the slash.
    and it's not an extra line. You just add suffix="." to the <layout> tag (the one at the top of your snippet). Take the extra line you added out.
  • this did the trick - thanks a lot!
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