Author1 Contribution in Author2 Book: what item type?

Hi! this is a great tool, really!
I still have to understand a couple of things: I have several items that are papers, or individual contributions, inside books: not always are they conference proceedings, sometimes just books collecting various authors'works. What format can I use to get both the authors of the contribution AND authors of the book displayed in the bibliography?
I didn't find anyone matching this criteria! Also, how do you set relations? I think they may be the right tool but I can't find them in the interface ;)
Thank you
  • Zotero does not have a way to set the kinds of relations you are talking about between items. So there is no way to say item a is A chapter in book B. There was a lot of talk about doing something like this a while back, but at least for the time being it is not happening.

    So, the way Zotero works is that you always create the thing you want to cite, and never the thing that the thing you want to cite is in. In this case, the closest thing to what you are looking for is "Book Section." With a book section you can set authors for the section and editors, again for that section. This works great for chapters in an edited volume. You just put in the editors, who most likely edited the whole book, and then fill in the authors of the individual section.

    This may be what you are looking for. However, your request for showing the authors of the book section AND the authors of the book is a bit different. Zotero does not make the distinction between levels of authorship. If you do need to cite something like this please post some examples for the kinds of things you want to cite and what the style guide you use says they should be cited as.
  • Thank you very much, Tjowens.
    I think Book Section is going to work well for me!
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