Can't import from Physical Review

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    Ah. Not sure we're on the same version (Zotero 2.0b-whatnot here). Sorry I couldn't help.
  • Or just wait a day or two for the translator to be approved and pushed to clients.
  • Maybe the same issue, I'm not sure.

    report ID: 1682821818
    hover over icon reports "Save to Zotero (DOI)"
    doi: 10.1088/0031-9120/43/01/009

    followed instructions in translator troubleshooting list

    any thoughts?

    when I pasted the DOI into the 'magic wand' box I got "Zotero could not find a record for the specified identifier ..." but got me back to the URL above ...

    FF 3.6.8 on Ubuntu Lucid, Zotero 2.0.3
  • See

    This thread is about Physical Review, a different journal. Regardless, the IOP translator is still broken.
  • Should I bother moving the comment to the other thread? (Seems unnecessary since the problem has been stated already?) Sorry I didn't find the other thread -- searched for "physics education" and (wrongly) found this one.
  • No need. But see my comment there.
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