Duplicate Citation

When using the duplicate citation feature, I have run into trouble.
I use this when I want to create a similar citation and reduce entries.

Could be improved by clearly indicating which is the duplicate -
perhaps putting "DUP: " in front of the title.

I have had the experience of creating a dup, editing the original, then when I do a refresh, the document references the wrong citation.
This is especially a problem in shared account or group situations . . .

Thanks - love Zotero
  • Setting aside for a moment any changes to Zotero's duplicate function there is a relatively straightforward way to tell which item is the dup. The easiest way to see which is the dup is to add "Date Added" to your columns in the center pane. The duplicate will always have the later date.
  • Duh! Thanks, that tip helps - Of course I like my suggestion too to make it clearer.
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