Slowtero -- help!

Hello everyone.

I've been having an issue with Zotero's speed. I'm running a fast computer that otherwise has no problems zipping across the internet or accessing files. However, I've noticed that Zotero has gotten to be incredibly bogged down. About three months ago, it started claiming that it was "updating Google Scholar Citations." And now, every time that I modify or add an item, the screen freezes for three to five seconds. I've turned off the internet syncing feature of Zotero, so I doubt that it could be the case that Zotero is having connection difficulties.

Could this be caused by having too many tags, folder, items, etc.? I have a library that represents several months of disparate research, and I obsessively organize things with lots of folders and tags. If this is the issue, I could try to back up the stuff I'm not currently working on, but it would still be incredibly inconvenient.

Thanks. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zotero to no effect.
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