Style Request: SAGE journals


SAGE journals recently released ENS files of three standard citation styles for the majority of their journals. The styles are SAGE APA, SAGE Harvard and SAGE Vancouver.

These are modified versions of the standard APA, Harvard and Vancouver styles.

I have had no experience creating CSL files and have had no luck importing these three ENS files to Zotero. Is there a way to create CSL files from the three files linked to above? Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,
  • we can't create csls from endnote style files - does Sage also provide style guides?
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    Hi, thanks for your reply - that's a shame but useful to know. There are style guides available on the SAGE site. From what I can see SAGE APA is actually just APA 5th edition, so that's actually already fine.

    SAGE Harvard:

    SAGE Vancouver:

    Many thanks for your help.
  • to be clear - this is a legal, not a technical limitation. .ens is proprietary and Thompson Reuter a litigious company.
  • Interesting read, thanks. I guess Zotero has maybe provided just a bit more competition than EndNote can handle...
  • Is the next step then for me to identify and post the differences between SAGE Harvard vs. Harvard and SAGE Vancouver vs Vancouver?
  • Yes identifying individual differences is the next step. For more info on this process see
  • with respect to Harvard - look around a bit if the style called "Harvard" is indeed the closest match:
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