Transfering Group

I upgraded to version 2 yesterday, created a group and moved stuff into it. Now I created an account for my boss, purchased space and transferred the group to his account. How long does it take for the group to transfer? It's been a couple hours now. I've sent out invitations to others to join the group and they've gotten the emails, but when they log in to accept the invitation no invitation shows up.

What do we need to do? I thought transferring the group would be near instantaneous.

  • Group ownership should transfer when the new owner accepts it. It requires action on the new owner's part because it will start using their storage. The user can accept ownership by visiting the group page and clicking the link at the top to accept ownership.

    If users are clicking the links in the emails to join the group, then after they log in it should automatically accept the invitation. I can see that there are multiple members in the group and no pending invitations except for the ownership transfer. If the invitations are being removed from the system without them getting access (or declining the invitation) please let us know so we can fix the problem.
  • Thanks fcheslack! We figured he would have to accept it, but we kept looking on the Group Management page.
  • E-mail notification "group transfer pending" incl. acceptance-link would be nice...
  • Please help, my quota is full and I tried to transfer ownership weeks ago but the deisred new owner sees no link to click for accepting new ownership anywhere on any of the Groups pages, and no email was received. It still says "transfer pending" on my (current/old owner's) Group page.
  • Never mind - we are all set! The new group owner didn't realize he had to click on the Group name to access the ownership acceptance link :)
  • Group ownership transfer would really be improved by some kind of active notification--I was only transferring ownership to *myself* from a user acct to an admin acct and it took me a good 15 minutes to figure out how the heck to complete the transfer--no email, no inbox, and the location of the "accept ownership" link is counterintuitive to say the least--I'm a reasonably computer savvy person, and have been using Zotero for several years. The ideal system would be an email with a confirmation link, as with the group invitations.
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