most urgent features/fixes

An essential addition of all pieces of software nowadays. Still reverting a small bad step is a piece of work with zotero.

This basic piece of database maintenance is still missing. Ideally the zotero import button would be changed if a certain item has already been imported, similar to the bookmarking star of Firefox. Short of that, a database check before an item being imported is added to the database.

When syncing the database, I often get several dozen error message like "tag XYZ has been removed/added..". I import from PubMed, so items have MeSH keywords. The error messages appear despite no manual manipulation of keywords and every single one of them has to be confirmed manually by clicking ok. Ufff. A huge waste of time when you get say 50 after a huge addition to the database and if you want the sync to run, you'll have to click through 15min of error messages. Short of fixing this, we at least need an accept all button.
  • My number one issue would be compatibility with "track changes" in Word. At the very least references should not be completely screwed up when one of my coworkers uses track changes with a paper we are collaborating on. This is the only thing keeping me from using Zotero for all my papers.
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    TRACK CHANGES: See also
    Alternatively to the Document.TrackRevisions property, one could also use the Range.Revisions.AcceptAll method. I suggest the behavior should be controlled by a setting in General or Plugin Preferences "Suppress Track-Changes in MS Word during Zotero Refresh" and defaulted to Yes.
  • I suggest the behavior should be controlled by a setting in General or Plugin Preferences "Suppress Track-Changes in MS Word ..."
    I think that'd be "Suppress Track-Changes in Document" or some other more generic description (Zotero also supports OpenOffice, which also has change-tracking).
  • @bdarcus: Sure, the wording can be improved. It is just that to my understanding the Word plugin is separate (code-wise) from the OO plugin. The specific code enhancement suggested is for the Word plugin only. Should this enhancement be feasible in OO in a similar fashion, then a more generic description in General Preferences would make a lot of sense.

    Could someone (Simon?) create a ticket for the TRACK-CHANGES feature?
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