Sync error - Error Report # 550349635

Hey guys,
Zotero has told me for quite a while now that syncing encountered problems, but so far I didn't experience any real problems and all my references synced just fine. Now I have started using Zotero on my work PC (at home I use a Mac) and now I see the problem: Files I attach at work are not synced to my home mac (Error Report # 550349635). The reference itself shows up on the mac, but the attached PDF is not synced.
Do you know what could go wrong here?
  • Ideas, anyone?
  • We'll have to work up a fix for this, but locate the '34UTB4XS' directory within the 'storage' directory within your Zotero data directory, find that attachment in Zotero, and rename it (by clicking the title in the right-hand pane of Zotero and making sure "Rename associated file" is checked). There are some invalid characters that are preventing the sync.

    Then try again, and provide another Report ID if you still get an error.
  • Hey Dan, that did the trick, thanks!!
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