Need to switch from CMS full note to Turabian full note

Can someone tell me the exact steps I need to follow to do so? My dept. confirmed I should be using Turabian, 7th ed. full note. Thanks.
  • Did they find some particular fault in your citations? I'm not intimate with the detail on this, (maybe someone is here?) but I think there is no difference between the Zotero styles for the two. You certainly won't find any for any common citations.

    In any case, you can just go to

    Search down for Turabian Style (Full Note with Bibliography)

    and click "[Install]"
  • No, they didn't find any faults. They just suggested that I make the change, since Turabian is the official style that we are supposed to use and because Zotero now offers it.

    Do you think it is safer for any reason to stick with CMS full note? I see that Turabian full note has "(dev)" after it.

    I followed your directions for Install. All seems fine. Under Preferences the Default Output Format now says Turabian... That is the only change I see. Sound okay?
  • Yes, that's fine. There's no reason that I can see to go back to CMS full note, but it's there if you find some problem with Turabian.
  • Turabian Full Note actually has some super-minor differences - it's not the same style as CMS Full-Note, no. So it's probably a good idea to switch.
    Turabian Author-Date and Chicago Author-Date are identical, though.
  • Excellent. I'm going with Turabian full note. Will report back with any problems.
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