Omitting "Series" from CMS full bibliography

How do I omit the "Series" field from appearing in the bibliography? I use the Chicago Manual of Style full citation option, as per my school's preference, but the Series info. is unnecessary.
  • are you sure it's necessary to leave out?
    It's a bit of work - essentially take out "collection-title" every time it appears in the style and then make sure the spacing isn't messed up.
    for some guidance.
    Depending on what you're writing you might be better of taking it out manually or convincing your school that it's not a very reasonable practice to require adjusted versions of common styles.
  • I'll double check with my school, but my field is art history and the series information is superfluous and messing up my entries. So far I've been going with the manual removal.
  • the field shouldn't be the point - correct CMS should contain series information.
    By which standards is the series information "superfluous"?
  • My program wants us to follow Turabian. Turabian 17.1.5 says you are not required to include information about the series.
  • Turabian 17.1.5 says you are not required to include information about the series.
    could someone who has the manual confirm this? It's easy to change for the Turabian style in the repository (it won't be changed for CMS full note, obivously).
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    Online sources seem to agree that is "not required": ;

    I know that the informal practice in Slavistics is often to omit the series unless the series designation is a useful or notable one-- there are many books that are only nominally in a series. I usually leave it in just to keep things simple and consistent, but series are so common in some fields that I understand at least the desire to omit them.

    If your concern, like mine, is with series that contribute little useful bibliographic information, you could just remove them from the item in Zotero.
  • I posed the following question to our graduate research librarian in art history: Is it necessary for us to include series information for books?

    Her response:

    According to section 17.1.5 Series (p. 172-3) in the 7th ed of Turabian you aren’t required to include info about the series but you may include if you think it will help readers locate or judge the credibility of the source. Insert this series information after the title and before publication info. Example:

    Markman, Charles W. Chicago before History: The Prehistoric Archaeology of a Modern Metropolitan Area. Studies in Illinois Archaeology 7. Springfield: Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, 1991.
  • That's essentially what I mean. What that means is that Zotero can't really decide for you when series should be shown, so it is necessarily the author's job, if she wants to limit the use of "series" entries, to prune them from the database or remove them from the finished manuscript.

    Or you can always leave series information in and save yourself the trouble of pruning.
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