How to have "date accessed" for websites appear on bibliographies?

The field information is entered, but it is not appearing on my bibliography. I use the Chicago Manual of Style, full note with Bibliography Style.
  • generally CMS doesn't require access dates%3
  • Chicago Style does not include the date accessed. If you switch to APA, for instance, the date accessed will be shown.
  • Ok. Does Turabian follow CMS on this one? No date required for Turabian, either?
  • Read the Fine Manual.

    Once you've set up Turabian citation style and configured any given document to use it, Zotero should do the right thing automatically, provided the database entries do have access dates.
  • Ok. Will do. Many thanks.
  • Folks the Chicago Manual of Style may not strictly *require* the date of access for web sites and for on-line journal articles but it allows for it. Different disciplines and Universities require slightly different variations of the style. Examples of how to present the date of access are on the CMS Website: There should be a variation of CMS with this included. I assume that there is already some way of changing date formats to suite the region.
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