Best database to pull dissertation source info. from?

Worldcat Dissertations is not pulling full information into the Zotero fields of a "thesis" entry. It just fill in fields in a book entry and puts the rest of the info. in the "extra" field. I do not have access to Proquest Dissertations from my home computer. Any suggestions, or do I need to copy and paste the info. from the "extra" field and create a "thesis" entry?
  • Proquest definitely has the best metadata for theses. I know no better alternative. I don't know what Proquest looks like when not on a university network, but can't you get to the metadata at least? If that doesn't work and you can't get onto Proquest over a VPN tunnel or something like that you may have to use the workaround that you describe.
  • Thanks. I'll find a way to stick with Proquest.
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