PDFs won't save in trunk version

I'm testing out the trunk installation, and I've noticed that PDF attachments don't attach. At all. I first noticed this when working on the IEEE Xplore translator, but it also is the case for JSTOR. HTML attachments do attach.

There are no errors in the error console and I see no indication of a problem in the debug output: D1393348257

Firefox 3.6.3, Zotero trunk r6104, Ubuntu 10.04.

With the exact same computer, network configuration, and Firefox version I am able to save PDFs from both IEEE Xplore and JSTOR using the current stable release of Zotero.
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    Downloaded PDF attachments from JSTOR confirmed to work okay in my currently installed Zotero trunk (2.1a1 r6098), with Preferences -> General "Automatically download PDFs and other associated files when saving items" ticked.

    Firefox 3.6.4, Atom netbook, Ubuntu-ish, heavily cross-pollinated "Easy Peasy" Linux distro.
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    PDF attachments from JSTOR also confirmed to work in 2.1a1 r6105, on the same system.
  • Oops. That's what I get for forgetting about options that I never use.

    Why is "Automatically download PDFs and other associated files when saving items" not the default? I would hate for some user to not realize that Zotero had this wonderful feature.

    All is well again, and PDF saving works for both IEEE Xplore and JSTOR.

    One thing, however, surprises me -- automatic HTML snapshots still worked. Is that by design?
  • the snapshots depend on the translators - yes.
  • Is it really not the default? I would agree that it makes eminent sense to make it so.
  • It may be turned off by default because it has storage implications for sync accounts.
  • I still think pdf attachment should be a default
    see also this:

    This would seem like a one line code-change. Dan, any reason you guys don't want this?
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    Looks like Dan made this change a few days ago: r6697.
  • It probably should have been enabled all along, but we didn't want to change it midstream on the 2.0 Branch because it's a fairly major change that will apply to all users. So this is 2.1 only. (Many people will probably think it's a new feature.)
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