Entering journal articles that my school databases do not access electronically

Is it best to enter these manually (time-consuming)? An example is an article from Apollo magazine, which my campus library has a physical copy of, but not electronic access to. So, the school databases, and others I've tried to access, can't access the article info. So, Zotero can't grab the info. Another ex. is The Magazine Antiques.
  • it's usually not so much about database access - most databases will actually allow you to search and display enough results for Zotero to get the bibliographic information (that's true for all the big journal publishers, ingenta, JSTOR and a couple of others).
    There is also google scholar, which produces increasingly good import results for scholarly articles.

    Magazines in general do not provide that type of data by themselves and there aren't a lot of databases that do - LexisNexis Academic might be the exception, but that's expensive and only relatively few schools maintain it.
    So yes, for magazine articles (as for most newspapers) you'll have to manually input information.
  • Thanks. I think I have access to LexisNexis Academic, so I'll try that one before doing any more manual entries.
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