Highlighting glitch and request

I love Zotero, and have been training others at work. My co-trainer taught me to highlight (as one of your earliest users, I've missed a lot of the advances you've made!), but I found a big problem with it: I had spent a long time highlighting a long text on which I need to comment. I'd gone back to the top to gather my thoughts and was adding a highlight. While I was holding down the mouse button, my hand slipped slightly; this resulted in ALL of the text in the rest of the document (pages and pages) being highlighted, with no "undo" function that I can find. I don't understand how it happened. And, as far as I can tell, my only choice is to unhighlight it all and re-do the hours of work.

I went to see my co-trainer about it and she said she'd had the same thing happen to her.

I will certainly think twice before bothering to highlight again in a long document!

Also, my request: it would be great to be able to print out the highlighted text and comments. When I try, these do not show up.

Keep up the great work!

  • Same happened to me now - is there an option to undo highlight that I'm not aware of?

    Many Many Thanks!

  • I'm having the same problem, using Firefox on a Mac. I don't know what i did, but the from the middle to the end of the text in my snapshot of webpage is highlighted, and even when I go over it with "undo highlight" the highlighting doesn't disappear. Has anyone figured this out yet?
  • Sometimes "unhighlight" doesn't work but after I restart Firefox it works again ......
  • re printing, see here for possible response:
  • Edit: Just realised I'm replying to a 2 year old thread, I'm going to post this anyway because, well, I've typed it now and I guess it might be useful for someone.
    Same happened to me now - is there an option to undo highlight that I'm not aware of?
    AFAIK no. This, along with the lack of multi-colour highlighters prompted me to find a workaround which I find very convenient and might work for others as well.

    I already annotate PDFs using PDF X-Change viewer, which is a free Windows download. Preview will do this natively in OSX and PDF X-Change can be run under Wine on Linux. When I want to annotate a web page I simply convert it to a PDF using the bookmarklet from PDFmyURL and save this as a Zotero attachment. Overall this is one extra click and a five second wait for the conversion process and in return you get a much more powerful suite of annotation tools (PDF X-change has a full palette of colours, drawing tools, a typewriter tool to write directly on pages, underline, strikethough...)
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