More descriptive window titles for notes

Currently, the window title for a note in its own window is "Edit Note". I would prefer it to be <title of resource> - <first line of note>
Marriage and Family in Ancient Israel - Quotations

Given that notes don't yet support formatting, using the first line as a title (as you do in the main Zotero view) seems reasonable.

This way, when you have more than one note open, you can distinguish them.
  • It would probably also make sense for it only to be possible to open a particular note once. I know they currently sync up, but if I double-click the resource to open it, and it's already open, I'd much prefer the existing window to be focussed than to get another copy.
  • Just implemented both in the latest dev build. (Just using note title for window title at the moment, not parent title.) Thanks for the suggestions.
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