zotero doesn't start after upgrade from last beta to rc5

Hi all,

after updating zotero on one of my machines (windows xp, firefox 3.5.5) zotero doesn't start at all anymore. I can access the preferences via the tools -> addons menu but there is no zotero-icon in firefox nor menu entry.

In the logfile extensions.log I found:

2009-09-01 11:04:31 - safeInstallOperation: failed to back up file: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\USER\Anwendungsdaten\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\043ffcaj.default\extensions\zotero@chnm.gmu.edu\chrome\zotero.jar to: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\USER\Anwendungsdaten\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\043ffcaj.default\extensions\zotero@chnm.gmu.edu-trash\chrome ... rolling back file moves and aborting installation.

Deinstallation und Reinstallation didn't help. Only deleting the whole mozilla-folder gave me a working zotero. But at the cost of loosing my whole preferences.

thanks for ideas
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