Sticky note management


- Put the close and minimise boxes in their more usual places on the sticky note! At the moment, close is top-left when it's more normally top-right.

- Make it possible to drag sticky notes around (both minimised, by the icon, and restored, by the title bar) instead of the current odd behaviour.
  • Re: close/minimize boxes, we all work on Macs, which is why this is the way it is. We can move it on other OSes.

    Re: dragging, this is a limitation that we cannot avoid. As far as I know, there is no way we can get the DOM node at the mouse position in Mozilla without a click.
  • Yes, please make the window decorations respect platform convention :-)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "without a click". When the mouse goes down for the drag, you'll get an "onmousedown" event. You can attach a handler to the onmousedown event for the div which represents the note, and in that handler, look at the event object to find the target.

    There are several cross-platform DHTML drag-drop libraries which do this fine.

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