sync error

I'm running Zotero on two computers, and syncing was working fine until my last update to Zotero's latest version. Since then, one of the computers syncs without problem, but the other says it has never synced before (which is untrue), and when I try to sync it, I get an "invalid response from server" (ID: 727611773). The Debug ID is D1520619414.

My library has about 14,000 items.

  • Just updated to the latest versions of Firefox and Zotero, and the problem continues.
  • Can you provide another Report ID and Debug ID?
  • This may be a case of a full sync being triggered (which can happen automatically for a number of reasons) and your remote library being too large to pull from the server, in which case you'll need to wait for server optimizations to speed up pulling of 14K+ items.
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