Bug report: PDF not saved on APS sites

Zotero doesn't save PDFs from APS sites lately (e.g. the Phys Rev Lett site). I always have to do it manually. It has been like this since at least early December.

Version info: 2.0b7.6, Firefox 3.5 & 3.6 on WinXP
  • Please give an example URI & also say which translator it is using (hover over the article or folder icon)

    The PROLA.js translator was updated very recently, but many APS pages were using the DOI translator before the update & the latter does not grab PDFs.
  • Example:


    (first article from current issue)

    It says Save to Zotero (DOI).

    So when it says DOI then PDF aren't saved. OK.

    Sometimes saving doesn't work at all until I restart Firefox (like now). The notification bubble appears, but it's empty and won't go away until I click it. I can't intentionally reproduce the problem though. (But when it happens it won't go away til restart)
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    Here is an article which can be saved, but the PDF is not attached. But you already explained that this is the expected behaviour.


    However, saving the article from my previous post doesn't work at all, no matter what I do. Restarting the browser doesn't help at all with this article. Saving never finishes:


    Is this a bug? Or a Firefox 3.6 incompatibility?
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    The updated translator from that thread hasn't yet been pushed to clients, but you can add it yourself if you like.
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