WebDav sync error with JungleDisk

Hi, help please

Up until November I had no problem syncing with www.myjungledisk.com/username/zotero

I am using Firefox 3.5.7 on Mac OSX10.5.8
Zotero 2.0b7.6

lastsync 2 November 2009

Since 2 November all syncs have failed.

I have verified that the online disk exists.

I can log on to myjungledisk.com through the web interface

I can see a shared local JungleDisk in my Mac Finder

I can create folders using Finder, which I can subsequently view through the web interface. I have copied files between folders in Finder and verified that the files appear in new locations in the web interface.

I have carefully ensured that I have entered the correct url, username and password into the Zotero WebDav sync preferences.

I have reinstalled Zotero.

However, whatever I do, whenever I try to sync Zotero it returns a message:
"WebDAV verification failed. Verify your WebDAV settings in the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences."

When I try to verify the server in the sync preferences pane the error returned is:

"Directory not found
https://www.myjungledisk.com/groberts does not exist"

Can anyone help?

Thank you

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