Abstracts not being captured

When I capture (import) an item from a local university catalog search using the normal process of adding a entry into my Zotero database (clicking the capture/add entry icon on Firefox's url bar) it does not capture the Abstract information in the catalog.

Checking the page there are Abstracts and checking the MARK record it looks fine to me.

Is there an issue with Abstract capture?
Is there a way of also capturing the contents (table of Contents) into a field in Zotero

The release I am currently using is 2.0b7.6

The University Library I am study and and want to use mostly is Victoria University
  • Sorry I forgot to add a specific site catalog entry to check

  • Looking at some of the catalog entries seems they might be using a notes field called "Contents" to store "abstract" information and then linking back to Google Books.

    Is there any way of automatically capturing the "Contents" data into say a Notes entry in Zotero.
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