Wrong urI encoding when attempting to "View File/Snapshot"?

I have the following issue: When I try to open (by clicking "View File" or "View Snapshot") a file attached to an item and if this file is stored in the Zotero database, the external PDF reader cannot open it.

I get for example this error: "Could not open file:///home/name/zotero/storage/QCSHDSCD/Author%2520-%2520Year%2520-%2520Name%2520of%2520the%2520article.pdf" for a file located at /home/name/zotero/storage/QCSHDSCD/Author - Year - Name of the article.pdf

I can work around this issue by opening the folder which contains the file by clicking "Show File" which brings up the file browser which in turn lets me open the file.

I have no such problems when opening files directly from Firefox by pasting the correct urI (without the %2520's for spaces) directly into the urI bar.

Using Linux, KDE 4.3.1, using Firefox 3.5.3, Dolphin and Okular
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