Why is this synchronization so difficult?

So my storage is full again. Then I took lots of files and put in a library I DON'T SYNC, removing the files from the synced folders. I removed LOTS OF FILES, but my storage is still full. I replaced my online lib with my local one and nothing changed regarding my storage. I'm sick of these problems. WHY IS IT THIS WAY?
  • You're just doing a lot of things that aren't supported. The replace online library option, say, is explicitly labelled as "for use only in rare, specific situations" (which doesn't include freeing up space).

    In general, micro-managing your storage is going to be hard, that's just not how Zotero is designed. You can disable file sync, you can use a webDAV, or you can pay for more storage, but trying to move stuff around to free up storage, in ways that I don't think you fully understand (a non-synced library isn't what you seem to think it is) is just going to cause the types of problems you're seeing, which are then made worse by additional off-label troubleshooting.
  • And aside from what @adamsmith explains, the cloud storage in Zotero is not freed, until you empty the Bin... but, be careful, at the moment you do that, you must remember that this is a path of no return. You must be sure you want to delete it, because what you empty from the Bin, you will not be able to recover later.
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