copy all items from a saved search to a group library

I've collected a few thousand articles for a research project and need to share them with the group. I have three saved searches, one for each of the words these people care about.

(I even wrote a bit of javascript to create Notes that retrieve text around their favorite words so they can look at that excerpt to tell if the item is of interest without having to open the full PDF. I'm a hero!)

Now I want to copy all of the items in those three saved searches to the Group Library I have created. I click on the saved search, click an item, select all, but when I go to drag them to the group library, only the item that I click is selected. It is looking like I'm going to need to copy them one-by-one or maybe write some more javascript.

Surely I'm missing something!
  • It works for me (beta version):

    I went to the collection of a Saved search, selected an item, then Ctrl+A, then Drag and drop to the Group... and all items were copied to the Group (even in a specific collection of that Group).
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