Far too slow for MAC?

Also for me Zotero makes working in word on MAC tooooo slow. I see some earlier discussions about this but no real solutions? Please help. Yesterday it even closed suddenly and apparently it was so slow that it had not automatically saved so I lost over an hour's work. I have unchecked automatic updates but still it is not working. Should I choose another citation software? Is Zotero / MAC just incompatible? Any advice? I have the latest IOS and my laptop is one year old.
  • Zotero definitely works on Macs, including new arm-based models. The developers have stated that they mostly develop on Macs, actually. The only significant issue is slow-ish plugin in very large Word files, I believe.

    But it is not clear what is not working for you. And what do you mean by not autosaving? Are you talking about the Zotero app, a word processor with a Zotero plugin, or your Zotero library in a web browser (which is not preferred for full Zotero functionality)?
  • Thanks for your reply. Yesterday I actually changed reference manager because it was getting unworkable. Now word and writing my thesis is going just fine. So Zotero is not for me. But to clarify my question:

    When I used your software it got impossible to write. There was a delay in what I wrote and inserted and Word got very very slow. With autosaving I meant that word got so slow that it did not save itself anymore therefore I lost quite some work when it suddenly closed. Even after unchecking zotero automatic updates.
  • The same issue here. OSX 14.5 on Intel Macbook Pro with 16GB Ram and newest Word. Word get's so slow that it's not possible to save the Word file. Word file with no images and just 17 pages of text and 20 to 30 citation, no auto update of citation.
  • That's not expected. Zotero in Word may get slow when updating very large documents (that one is not large), but does not make Word slow or prevent from saving if it is not in the process of updating, in my experience.

    Have you tried removing the Word plugin and see how this file (or Word in general) behaves? (https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/uninstalling_the_word_processor_plugin) You can easily re-install it from Zotero's Preferences -> Cite -> Word Processors. Likely, there is something else wrong with Word (which version?) or specifically this document. If the document is the one with problems, trying the steps in here should help: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/debugging_broken_documents

    Also make sure Zotero is up-to-date. Others may have smarter ways to diagnose this.
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