fields inserted in OOo Writer never ended

first I will thanks dev team for the integration tool in OOo that's just great !

A little problem : when you insert a reference you cannot write after the field (for instance a page number or another remark) all what you write is like included in the gray zone of the field and disapear when you make a refresh.
  • If I've understood you correctly, all you need to do is when you enter in a new reference there is a box to the right of the page/paragraph/line option where you can type whatever you want and it will be retained after you refresh.
  • yes but the text added is then fixed, you can no longer change it.

    Anyway, I found that if you choose "Bookmarks" instead of "reference mark" in the "set document preferences" button, you can add text and change it again. Refresh does'nt erase it.
  • I have the same problem and I dont understand what you mean by "if you choose "Bookmarks" instead of "reference mark" in the "set document preferences" button, you can add text and change it again. Refresh does'nt erase it."
  • Dear mcanally,

    You can type an ENTER at the end of citation, and the gray disapear! After insert what do you want, you can make a single line. Refresh doesn't modify your text.
  • Mihai : it works but a little bit complicated no ?

    Mcanally : in Writer I have 4 buttons in the zotero toolbar. The right one open a dialog where you have possibility to choose under "Format using" ReferenceMarks or Bookmarks.

  • Yes, Thierry, but we hope the time and developers change that.
  • First off, thank you, Zotero team, for all of your work on this!

    Second, I am having the same problem using the Neooffice plugin, namely, that the field for the citation doesn't automatically end. I have to press "Enter" and then backspace to take care of the problem, which is fairly inelegant. Any idea when that will be fixed?

    Third, Thierry et al., on the "Add/Edit Citation" window that opens when you add or edit a citation, there is a button on the bottom left to "Show Editor." That opens up a text window where you can manually edit the citation to be added, and the additions are retained when you refresh, and if you want to change them in the future, just click on the citation and select "Edit Citation," and you'll have the option to change the content in the editor again.
  • I just started using Zotero today, and have found the problem with the field not ending after entering a citation in OpenOffice 3. The problem does not occur in Word (both mac versions; haven't tried it on my window machine at home yet.
    Is there anything other than to use a "return" and then backspace to continue the sentence/paragraph or is that still the only option for OpenOffice.
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