Scholarly Publishing Collective Translator Issue

I've worked through these troubleshooting steps and still seem to be having a translator issue with Scholarly Publishing Collective (e.g., on this page).

When I try to save articles from the issue, the connector says "Silverchair." The debug ID is D1531076639.

Thanks so much for any suggestions you may have!
  • Do you have access to the content? I don't, but the (open access) introduction works just fine for me, just the other (paywalled) items don't.
  • @adamsmith, after doing some more work on this, it seems it's an issue with authentication in the browser. I do have access to the paywalled content. In Edge, I can authenticate and have Zotero import all the references from the issue page just fine. But in Firefox (even with all the extra tracking prevention etc. that I can find disabled) and (mostly) with Brave, the authentication doesn't pass through from the login page properly.

    In this scenario, I had anticipated Zotero would still import the reference but just fail to download the article PDF. But since the import works fine in Edge, it does seem to be a browser issue.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.
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