zotero 7 bug: metadata for item sometimes is wrong in pdf view

I can't reproduce this deliberately, but this happened to me a dozen times already: when I am working in pdf view, from time to time the metadata for the item is incorrect for the pdf I am viewing.

This image shows metadata for an item in Czech by Eva Struskov√° with a pdf for "The Russian Connection" by Josephine Woll, in English (see text at the bottom of the pdf pages identifying the source): http://elenarazlogova.org/wp-content/uploads/zotero-bug.png

The metadata and the pdfs do match in the database: http://elenarazlogova.org/wp-content/uploads/zotero-correct.png

So this is clearly a bug.
  • Do you have any plugin installed and running?
  • (Yes, whenever this has been reported it has always been due to a plugin.)
  • edited April 23, 2024
    Ok, thanks. I only use two plugins, and can't do without them, so it's pretty hopeless then.
    P.S. The plugins are: Better BibTex and MarkDB-Connect
  • What you can do is identify which plugin is causing the problem, and report it to the plugin developer. This will give them a chance to fix it, which would solve the problem for you and for other users.
    There is hope, you just need to find where help will be available!
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