Create more storage by deleting

I nearly reached my 300 MB of storage, so I decided to delete some folders and collections in my Zotero. I also emptied the bin immediately. Yet somehow my storage still seems to be at the same number. What can I do? Doesn't Zotero work with creating storage by deleting collections?
  • edited April 19, 2024
    There can be a short delay (minutes) before changes (emptying the bin) are reflected in online storage when synced. However it's also possible that your local storage (still) exceeds your online file storage quota, in which case the displayed Current Usage will not change from that quota figure if you have not deleted enough to get under it ...
  • Collections and item data do not count towards your quota. There is no need to delete them. Only attached files (like a pdf file, or an image you inserted inside a note) count towards your quota. And all your collections and data sync fine even if you are above your quota. The attached files (pdfs and the like) won't sync, but everything else (even notes you take) will.

    Also, deleting collections does not delete items under them, unless you specifically chose to do that.
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