How do I include tags/keywords in a CSL?

I'm using a custom CSL file to product an annotated bibliography (citation and abstract). []

I can't figure out how to get my item's tags into there. I saw some posts about JS and JSON but not sure how that might fit into what I want to achieve. Any thoughts or ideas?
  • I just tried with CSL variable "keyword" as I see that mentioned in the documentation, but that doesn't work for me. Not sure that's actually possible.
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    Yeah `keywords` doesn't seem to work for me even though I know it's there in the .bib file. I even tried wrapping it in a `group` but honestly I have no idea what I'm doing here with CSL files
  • What do you mean with .bib file? What software are you using? The CSL JSON export does not seem to contain any tags.
  • Correct, Zotero tags are are not available to citation styles in Zotero
  • The .bib file that BBT exports has `keywords` which includes the tags for the item.

    Thanks Adam. Is there "any" way to get tags out into some kind of annotated bibliography? I essentially want the citation, the `extras` field, and the tags.
  • In a bibliography, no. Reports do include tags
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    Thanks again. Is it possible to customise the report format then, say to remove a heap of the fields that appear?

    Starting to think that writing my own plugin/script might be the best approach here. If anyone has any starters that do something vaguely similar, that would be amazing!
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