ISBN number not working


My debug ID is D12408079.

I tried to enter the ISBN number 978-92-807-4108-7.

It is a UN report and previously I remember successfully entering it via magic add.

However, now magic add is not working, for this ISBN number and also for a few others I've tried.

Any help would be great.

  • It doesn't look like that ISBN is in any of the repositories that Zotero checks. Are you completely sure that you added that exact item by ISBN in the past? It's possible, but unlikely, that it was in a repository like WorldCat and was later removed.
  • Many ISBN of reports of the UN or WHO are not identified by Zotero. I do not recognize the reason, but I see this many times, when I download a book or a report from the WHO website.
  • (WHO should really work, we specifically look at their r-library)
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