Zotero 7 Beta: Default to the most recently added for merging items

At the moment, I understand that the default is to list the items by increasing chronological order of Date Added, with the default being the earliest one.
I use merging a lot to update the metadata on some items. So, I always choose to keep the latest version.
So, reversed chronological order, with the default being the latest added, would work better for me.

This would be consistent with the default order for sorting items in My Library being the reversed chronological order.

[I was also expecting to be able to quit merging by pressing the Esc key when doing it from My Library.]
  • Until an "update of item data" function arrives, this is also what I use merging for. I would also love to have the newer item to be the default source of metadata for the merged item. I can't think of a general use case where the current default makes sense.
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