[Zotero 7] Item buttons on the right side panel of the PDF tabs appear cut off

The item buttons on the right side panel of the PDF tabs appear cut off. This is valid for any open PDF tab, regardless of whether the Zotero window is maximized or not. In the main library tab they do appear correctly.


Windows 10
Zotero 7.0.0-beta.65
  • Can you reproduce this in Troubleshooting Mode (Help → "Restart in Troubleshooting Mode…”)?

    If you resize the window or the item pane in the PDF reader, does that fix it?
  • edited March 8, 2024
    In Troubleshooting Mode the problem persists. Resizing Zotero´s window does not work either.

    Only by enlarging the right-side information pane in the PDF tabs do the icons appear correctly. But, if that pane is closed and opened again with the "Toggle Context Pane" button, the cut icons reappear again.
  • Can you still reproduce with only one PDF tab opened which does not have any abstract?

    I can reproduce something similar to what you describe if one of the PDF tabs has some long text without space in the abstract. One problematic abstract is sufficient to affect the display in all tabs.
    So probably the same origin as described here, but for the UI of the PDF tab instead of My Library.
  • @dstillman Just to add that, at home (PC Windows 11), everything run flawlessly.
  • The last beta 7-68 update has solved the bug. Thanks!
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