Restoring Zotero Subscription

edited March 1, 2024
Hi, does anyone know what happens if we can't pay for another Zotero subscription? Do we lose all of our files that are stored in Zotero? If for any reason we can not pay the subscription in time, what should we do? If we happen to lose our files due to not restoring our subscription what should we do? Is it also possible to switch to a monthly subscription instead of a yearly one? If so how?
  • All data (plus text in your notes) syncs for free, so you don't lose that even without a storage subscription.

    The attachment files (and images in notes) won't be stored beyond the 300 MB limit on Zotero's servers, but any computer you have synced them to will remain there. In other words, Zotero won't delete your files on your computer. Zotero is a local program first, so you can keep adding files to Zotero on the computer you work; the files just won't sync to other computers (but the data will keep syncing).
  • Thank you. What about the possibility of monthly payments for Zotero? Or is it only yearly?
  • Currently only annual plans are available.
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