Feature Request -- Move Up / Move Down Sources in Add/Edit Citation Multiple Source Mode

Okay, so I keep asking for more free stuff . . . .

Please accept my apologies if this is already possible and I have simply missed it!

It would be really nice if it were possible to rearrange the sources in the add/edit citation window for multiple source mode. That is, suppose I want a source selected first to appear second or third, instead?

Why? Because many of us create several drafts of our documents, adding new sources with each draft. Sources should appear in the footnote in the same order they are cited in the text of the paper. Sometimes a re-write of a paragraph in the body will require a rearrangement of the order of the sources in the footnote. This may not be an issue in all disciplines, but it is in the humanities.

Thx for consideration,

  • not possible, but has been requested several times before - I'm too lazy to track down the respective forum posts, but with a a bit of searching you probably can.
  • Perhaps inconvenient, cumbersome, resource-prohibitive. Is impossible, however, the most accurate term in this case?
  • well - you wonder if it is currently possible.
    And the answer to that it that it is not, i.e. "not possible".

    That's no statement about the feasibility of including it in Zotero - which I'm sure is possible and hope will happen at some point.
  • In the previous version of Zotero, we had the option t keep multiple references sorted. That is no longer an option. This was a checkbox located directly above the list of multiple sources selected.
  • that's incorrect. The box is still there, but only when you first create a multiple citation, not when you edit it (and I believe it has always been this way).
    I don't know why that's the case and I think it should, if possible, be changed - there are a bunch of threads on that already, though.
  • I have edited a multiple citation that wasn't sorted and checked that box so that they were sorted. This occurred in the non-beta version.
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