can't copy citations from a group library to 'my library'

When I try to drag citations from a group library to my library, they don't appear in my library. (sync is enabled).

Any ideas?
  • Are you actually dragging them? As in, does My Library become highlighted and look like it will accept the drag?

    If not, the items may already exist in your library (i.e., in the main library but not the collection you're looking at, in the trash, etc.).
  • The items turn blue and hover, but the library does not "activate" it doesn't turn blue to indicate it is selected
  • Ah! you're right it's because the item was in the trash. So how do I have the same item in multiple collections (or should I always be creating new libraries?)
  • ...just went back and read about collections again. I think I've got it. I just didn't realize things in the trash counted as items in the library. Thanks so very much for the quick and helpful response!
  • As a (very) new user, I had some problem, and discovered same thing. So next question--how do you empty the trash folder? It doesn't seem to be permitting me to delete, and I haven't found any directions for this. What is the purpose of a trash bin if you can't empty it and, moreover, Z seems to treat the contents as if they were still in the fridge, not in the trash? A minor dilemma for sure, but perhaps all this could be much more legible, and sensible, to new users...
  • Rightclick on trash does the magic
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