Syncing images in notes via WebDAV

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  • I use WebDAV to sync pictures. In my case, figures in notes still cannot sync to other devices. Does it only work when using Zotero Storage to sync? Thanks!
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    Images in notes should sync via WebDAV. If that's not happening for you, we'd want to see a Debug ID for adding an image to a note and syncing.
  • Same here. Images in notes cannot sync via WebDAV. It appears as a grey square in other devices.
  • The Debug ID is D438861613
  • When you say "other devices", do you mean other computers running the desktop app, or the mobile apps? Images in notes won't yet appear in the note editor on iOS or Android.
  • I mean the desktop app which runs on Windows or MacOS.
  • OK, D1600745873 shows you successfully creating and uploaded embedded image ZGSQ23P9 (ZGSQ23P9.prop and on the WebDAV server). So that should be available on other devices.

    Do you have the other device set to download files "at sync time" or "as needed"?
  • I test again, it seems work now. It turns out I should edit the notes with some text and sync it several times to make it.
  • Thanks! I set all devices to download files "as needed", maybe that is the problem.
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    Yeah, I guess this was just an oversight on our part that somehow has gone unnoticed for several years. We'll fix it to automatically download embedded images when notes are opened if file syncing is set to "as needed". Thanks for reporting.
  • (Though I'm actually not sure how this would ever work for you if you have all devices set to "as needed"…)
  • Oh, wait, no, you're right: it does work eventually even in "as needed" mode. It just doesn't always refresh the note window until you restart Zotero or open the note in a standalone window, so it seems like the image hasn't synced. So we'll have to figure out what's going on here.
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    @wanghongtao: We've fixed this in the latest beta. Thanks for reporting.
  • Thank you very much!
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