Page numbers not correct when pulling notes from annotations


I am trying to pull notes from some pdfs, but the page numbers are incorrect (even though they are correctly entered into the info tab). These are journal articles, so for example, sometimes they start from pages 77-113. Whenever I pull the notes from the annotations, these page numbers changed back to p.1.

Is there a way to fix this?
  • Open the left sidebar in the PDF reader and adjust the page numbers based on the page number of the first PDF page. (It currently tries to auto-detect the page numbers from the PDF, but it doesn't yet use the Pages field from the parent item.)
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    This is brillant. One problem though: If I have already added highlights to a note with the wrong page numbers, then the wrong page number remains on the note, even when I change the page number based on what Dstillman describes above.
    Is there any chance that you can change this, so that the page numbers in the notes are changed too? Moreover, it appears that the wrong page numbers in notes cannot be changed at all. The only way to correct this, if I am correct, is to delete a quote in a note and re-enter it again, after the numbering has been adjusted.
    Also note that this neat trick to change the page numbers is neither mentioned in the documentation, nor in the zotero 6 announcement which is linked to from the documentation
  • If you fixed the page numbers, you can export the PDF (File->Export PDF when selecting a PDF in the main window) and then drop it back into Zotero. Then open it up and do File->Import Annotations.
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